The initial idea of Dew was conceived as early as 2012, when I was doing programming language research work related to a dataflow language. I dreamed about making a programming language for myself to make games, and maybe with streams because it seemed a natural concept for games.

Previously, I made attempts to implement the idea of streams in a host language, but I never made it to a satisfactory level and never finished them. So here I am, accept all the cost and implement a new programming language. I am very happy with Dew so far.

I don’t expect Dew to be too useful for an average game, since you can do without streams just fine. My own game is deeply depending on streams however, because when I think about game design over the years, I have always had streams in mind. If you think your game can also benefit from Dew, please let me know and I’d appreciate it.

I can be reached by email: